Belief introduction to the company

Established in 1993, Zhejiang Hongxing Plastic Cement CO., Ltd is located in Zhoushan Island, Zhejiang province, China, the branch company, Cixi Hongxing Road facilities manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in East Cixi industrial area, Cixi Ningbo, 250 km from Shanghai.

After twenty year’s development, the company specializes in three main products, Composite manhole cover, Wires and cables, Solar lights. Composite manhole cover also called FRP manhole cover. We are the leading company in China that specializes in these products, which is used in city constriction, highway and other areas. All these products are both for domestic and export.

We produce various types of low voltage XLPE power wires and cables (YJV、YJV22、YJLV、YJLV22)0.6KV/1KV and lower), Plastic insulated cable (VV、VV22、VLV、VLV22)0.6/1KV;etc.)Plastic insulated wire (BV, BVR, BVVB, etc.); And all kinds of flame retardant type (ZR type), refractory type (type NH) power cables and wires. Power cable and control cable product performance conforms to the GB/T12706.1-2008 standard and GB/T5023.3-2008 standard, JB/T8734.2-2012 standard.. Flame retardant and fire resistant wires and cables characteristics were in accordance with GB/T19666-2005 Standard.

We also produce the solar lights on the standard of DB37/T1181-2009 and DB35/T852-2008, and for the composite manhole cover on the Standard of BS EN 124.

The company has the advanced quality test equipment and quality control and assurance system, and do the products test as per the customers' requirements. There are engineers and technicians for the management of technology and quality.

Now our products are sold in Chinese domestic market, Europe, Africa, Middle East, and we hope we can co-operate with the customers all over the world.